Thursday, September 09, 2010


Hi All,

Just a quick post I thought I should mention;

Over the past few months I've taken a liking to webdesign, mainly the layouts in Photoshop etc.. Then transferring them and coding them into working html pages and the like.

I stumbled upon the following diagram when trying to find out what my sites are 'Missing'

This might help all 'www' enthusiasts in the group. I then sumbled upon the name 'Lance Thackeray'

He is an expert (in many peoples' eyes) at Photoshop Interface design. Heres a few pieces of his work;

In due course I'll be changing my blog around, once again.. trying to create the best look and feel I can. I was thinking about setting up a WordPress blog on my domain - - but then no-one would be able to follow it. WordPress is a smarter tool to work with and easily customizable. But saying that, Blogger themes are just .xml files I believe. That shouldn't be hard to modify to my liking.. Anyway, enough blabber...

Lance Thackeray has a DeviantArt page for all those Deviants out there;
( < Gallery of his work..

In time, I will be busting with graphics like these.

Thanks for reading.

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