Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Character: Backgrounds

Here is a quick background on the three main characters of my narrative story.

Jade - Hero
During the beginning of the series, we learn that Jade, a cute young girl who was accepted, lost her parents due to them being denied, they were helplessly killed infront of her. The horrible image sticks in her mind. Jade vows for revenge.

Each night Jade stays up and practises the art of 'Ninja'.

Sniffer Dog - SideKick

Sniffer Dog is the pet of Jades' family, after Jades' parents get killed, Jade inherits the dog, who becomes a faithful companion. His talents are tracking the bad guys, and chasing them down.

Town Sherrif - Villain
The Town Sherrif killed Jades' parents in cold blood, he is a bitter, twisted old man, his main aspects in life are to rule all of Spinner City, take over the world, and go to Hawaii for his yearly holiday.

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