Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Transcription: The Starfish Story

Whilst I was at work (Greggs) the other day, I sat there in boredom (on my break) and started reading a leaflet. On the back was a short story/poem entitled 'The Starfish Story'. Greggs use this story/poem to help better understand what it is the staff should be doing. Read the story/poem to understand better. Thoughts below it.

A man was walking along a beach at sunset when he noticed another man in the distance leaning down and picking something up, and hurling it into the sea.

As the first man approached, he noticed that the second man was picking up starfish that had been washed up onto the beach. The man was picking them up one at a time and throwing them back into the water.

The first man was amazed by this and asked the second man what he was doing. The second man replied that the starfish had been washed up onto the shore because of the low tide and that they would die if they didnt get back into the water.

The first man said "but there are thousands of starfish you cant possibly make a difference"
The second man smiled, bent down picked up yet another starfish and as he threw it back into the water he repled "I made a difference to that one"

Basically, I can see an animation coming of this. Modelling, rigging and skinning two characters, (maybe 3 due to Starfish) then animating the water. Sounds quite simple as of today.

Let me know your thoughts and any suggestions. Thanks.

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