Monday, February 08, 2010

TutorPhil, Please Read + Comment.

Hi Phil, I was just wondering, as I have learned FCP at the Maidstone UCA last year would it be possible I could stay at home tomorrow (Tuesday 09/02/2010) and do some uni work?

If not its ok I can still come in, but I thought I could do something more 'productive' ?



tutorphil said...

You're an adult, Dan - so I guess the decision is yours - but I suggest you check with your classmates afterwards to ensure you haven't missed anything that might be new to you...

D Bright said...

ok thanks phil, thought I would ask though, Im still used to the school/college ways :) Thanks again.

tutorphil said...

Hey Dan,

I've been thinking about your story; as I said, the idea of the stuntmen fashion show or pageant is a winner, but, in truth, you're still lacking a central character or a way into the narrative... however, I think I may have an idea; how about setting your story behind-the-scenes of the stuntman fashion show; see the videos listed below for reference and inspiration...

BUT - instead of having stylists combing models' hair, they're setting them on fire, shooting them with machine guns, and lowering them in fish tanks etc. You could do a mock documentary-style - with a microphone appearing in shot and a 'cinema verite' approach (look it up!).

tutorphil said...

Interim Online Review 16/02/2010

Hey Dan,

You need to reassure me that you're not going 'off the boil' again... There's been precious little movement on this blog and your story ideas is no further resolved. I don't know what it is you're doing while your classmates motor through their various tasks, but right now you look to be allowing history to repeat itself. I thought this was your opportunity to join the 'first division' and get up to speed - and, importantly - begin to feel more confident? DO NOT MUCK THIS UP. I want to see some movement in your creative development asap.

Regarding your written assignment, please see the following posts; you need to take on board the advice given and apply it.

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