Thursday, February 25, 2010

Review - Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho 1960.
This film was amazing. I dont usually enjoy black and white films but this one kept me gripped. Im just going to list the main points about the film. Strange thing was I stopped taking notes about half way through 'cos I was so interested!

Female Lead - Marion;
Starts at a hotel/apartment it seemed as though we couldnt tell wether she was having an affair or dating the male character.
She is trusted by her boss at work with $40k to deposit into the bank.
She then feels like she is being 'followed' and 'watched' as she is driving home with the money.
She pulls over to sleep and is found by a police officer, who follows her for the majority of the film.
She trades her old car for a new one + $700.
Not being followed anymore she pulls into Bates Motel/Hotel.
Hides the money in her Newspaper.
As she is in the shower, a female figure comes in and stabs her to death.

Motel 'Clerk' - Norman;
Kinda Creepy
Treats Marion with care and respect when they meet
He starts to flirt with Marion
When Marion mentions putting his mother 'Someplace' (Mental Home) he turns mad/crazy
When Marion returns to her room to shower and change, he watches her through a hole in the wall.

'The Figure' - Killer;
First seen entering the bathroom to kill Marion
Second time she is seen she jumps out from the bedroom of Norman's Mother and kills the Private Inspector.

The environments are small 'ish and everything feels 'set' in place. The soundtrack adds tension at special times, one time she speaks to the police officer after which he starts following her.

Well theres a small break down of Psycho - Alfred Hitchcock.

Thought I'd add this too. Hope you guys like :)


Jackie said...

Hi Dan - yes it is gripping, isn' it?!
Just one point though - Marion had actually stolen the money, when she started to act paranoid about being followed, which is why she was horrified to see her boss again in the street.

D Bright said...

Ahh I mis-interpreted it then, I thought she was being 'honest' at first, "I shall deposit it on my way home tonight" I thought that was genuine but then she ended up buying the car and running away I then twigged on. The notes were taken at that moment of the film, they were my 'thoughts' as such.

But yeah thanks for the input.


Jackie said...

I think she was honest, until she had it sitting there, tempting her! Then the thought of being able to use it to set up home with her boyfriend, overcame her honesty, and the rest, as they say, is history!

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