Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Story. May need tweaking..

1. Opens with a pair of fire doors, a man (lets call him dave for the sake of this plan) walks through them allowing us to follow him inside.

2. Upon the doors opening we see a variety of stunts being practised, fire breathing, sword swallowing, jumps, under water.

3. Dave then walks past some acts which we get a better look at, and see that infact the stunts are very dangerous, a few people get hurt during this time.

4. We see security come over to Dave and say to him that he shouldnt be here so he starts to run.

5. He runs into a table which has some bottles on it, he gets covered in this 'liquid'

6. As he is running to the nearest exit, he dives through a ring of fire, and being ignited due to the liquid being flamable.

7. Then he runs out of the 'exit' and onto the Catwalk. He gets excited due to the crowd, and walks to the end, looks back and see's the security, and walks towards them.

8. He continues to walk towards the security when the Fashion/Stuntman 'owner of the show' runs out and cried 'That was amazing Darling, Your hired!'

9. The screen fades out with a circle effect (like james bond or looney tunes)

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