Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Response to Phils' Comment

Hi Phil, Thanks for the comment about my pre-vis.

Peter Klappa did get back to me with some constructive feedback, much like your own. He stated that whilst the idea is quite 'big' it doesn't do much for the actual biological side of things, he wanted to be inside seeing whats happening, but as I said in a reply to him;

Hi Peter,
Thanks for the email. My intention was to have the 'holograms' rotate and grow so we can see 'inside' of that part of the animation. I Realise a few 'stills' couldn't convey the true meaning of the animation but I knew I wanted you to see something of what I have been working on.
A example I have in my sketchbook is when the Basidiospores grow and merge together to form the Haploid Mycelia.

Then at the end of the animation, It isn't really that clear but the 'hologram' spores fly off and land on the desk, and then grow into a real mushroom. I thought this would also bring in an added realism to the animation. Thanks for your email and your time. Sorry again I couldn't be there yesterday.


Both yourself and Mr Klappa have said about the music doesn't bode well with my animation either, I realise the Metal Gear Solid theme wasn't a good choice at this moment in time. But I hope that with the progression of the animation we can see that the 'exploding' holograms will make the 'beat' of my animation come more to life.

Thanks again for the comment Phil,
I will be taking these into consideration.


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