Sunday, July 18, 2010

Project Start

I have chosen SoundScape 15;

This is the *only* piece that made me think deep inside about what is/was happening. It sparked hundreds THOUSANDS of ideas to run through my mind.

This piece starts with what sounds like, four footsteps? At four seconds we then hear children playing, a school playground? They sound like primary school children, *having fun!*

After that, at sixteen seconds, a female starts singing, choir like. This adds a new emotion to the scene, sadness. The children continue to play and shout to each other, but at forty seconds, we hear a female child scream. All the children go silent, the choir like singing continues. At one minute-eight seconds I can just make out the singer saying *Requiem* a very powerful word in my opinion.

My project is now being named

Title for project; W.I.P.

More to come.
Stay Tuned.


tutorphil said...

lots of interesting stuff going on here, Dan - and I think your obvious enthusiasm for text and graphics is something we should bear in mind for future projects; so, 'Requiem'? Where are you going to take it now? Time for some storyboard/concept art stuff... looking forward to it!

D Bright said...

thanks for the comment Phil,

Wasn't sure if anyone still checked the blogs these days.

I plan on trying to get a rough story structure during the day tomorrow, then I hope to try and draft out some of the storyboard.

I have 2 months (8 weeks) to complete this project. I am aiming for it to be one of my best.
Shame we won't get marked for it though.

;) thanks

D Bright said...

I've also invested in a .. *drumroll*...


So hopefully now I can keep track and note everything I need to do and when I need to do it.

Unfortunately it starts in August so I can't start it yet.

tutorphil said...

Hey Dan - try not to think about it like 'I'll work really hard because I'll get good marks' - consider 'I'll work really hard because one day I want to be taken seriously as a cg artist and enjoy the buzz of making cool stuff happen...' :-)

Good news about the diary too. And yes, I'll be checking in - as soon as you post something, I'll see it, so I'm watching this space with interest!

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