Monday, July 26, 2010

Requiem: Research

The book opens with an introduction by the photographer and is closed with an insightful afterword by Dr. Jeni Williams I.C.Rapoprt's sensitive photographs are beautifully judged, high quality images, they do not shock but seek to suggest lives beyond their representations. The figures they commemorate are allowed the dignity of being people rather than victims. As social history, they construct a narrative of development that is ultimately positive even though some of the individual images are so delicately, tragically moving. These pictures show, not only the community in its devastation - again not as victims- but in its social and historical particularity. The interiors, the clothes, the miners going underground, the woman holding a baby in a shawl: all these are part of something lost also.
I decided, I was getting no-where with searching google and emailing around for images etc.. so I hit the 'BUY' button on a book..

Aberfan: The Days After: A Journey in Pictures - I.C. Rapoport

So... It should be here Tuesday.. Wednesday at the latest.. I'll let you know how it goes.

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