Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Finding my True(Type) Calling.

...It is indeed.

Has anyone ever noticed the vast amount of TypeFaces around in everyday life? No? Well you should. To me, Font, Text, and Type are all very influential. I love working with type, I love finding new fonts.

Why not mix my love for type and this project? Confused? Read on.

What do people keep note of from everyday life? A Diary? An Experience? A Memory?

Memories are what everyone fears losing. You never want to forget that day you first found a talent. Or the day you first tried SubWay? What? You've never tried SubWay?? Get over there now! Anyway..

My point is, I want to use Type with some sort of animation for Memories. You may all be thinking, "What are you getting at, Dan?!" Keep reading.. I'm about to tell you. What if I was given the task to "Transcribe the losing of Memory"? This would open up the possibilities to link in Alzheimer's.

Using Memories written in type, as a texture on a surface. With first hand conversations with Alzheimer's patients? Dementia slots in there as well.

I don't intend just to create an animation, I wish to create an 'Experience'

You're all excited now aren't you.
Feedback is appreciated, Comments too :)

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