Monday, February 07, 2011

Research: Dementia - Alzheimer's

Not one single person can know how much they remember. Simply close your eyes, look back at all the fun times, the bad times, the places and people you’ve seen.

Simply endless.

Our brain stores a visual memory centre with millions upon millions of images, sounds and memories are all filed away, categorically. Not one single person on the planet can explain how and why this takes place, but what we do know, is that it takes place in a very logical manner. Since our memories are arranged so neatly inside our heads, it is possible that one section could be injured or destroyed without harming other sections. E.G. Someone might have an accident and get a brain injury and have certain memories cleared out.

This can also happen in a similar manner, but from a form of Dementia. Symptoms of Dementia include;
  • Loss of memory – Forgetting the way home from shops, or being unable to remember names of people and places, or even what happened earlier the same day.
  • Mood Changes – Parts of the brain that control emotion are affected by the disease.
  • Communication Problems – A Decrease in the ability to Talk, Read, and Write.

What would happen if you was to walk into your house, the place you know and love; and all of a sudden the walls started going blank? All of your memories faded and peeled away.

More Ideas coming.

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