Friday, December 04, 2009

Whats Your Set-Up?

Well im interested in seeing what other people's 'set-up' for their computer/consoles are like, mines below..

Theres mine, I have my Tower PC to the left of my desk, specs:

Intel Core 2 Quad cpu, Q6600 @ 2.40ghz + 2.40ghz

2gb ram. -.- wanted more..

32bit system,

NVidia GeForece 8800GT @ 1680x1050 resolution.

5.1 Surround sound set up for computer.

PS3 connected to the 21" monitor, inputs for ps3, ps2, pc, freeview, normal tv.

Stereo, Bass Reflex 2x (3 Way Speaker System), three cd changer, which my ps3 connects to, awesome sound when playing immersive games. :)

Ah and my laptop. Just an ordinary pants laptop :P

Let me know about yours people :D


Bluejetdude said...

I would post mine up but there not in certain area like yours. I got my laptop anywhere, the tower pc downstairs, my 360, ps3 and wii in my room connected to my HD tv.

matt hyland said...

looking cool dude :D

matt hyland said...

I posted mine up last week when submitted my maya work fill free to view it :)

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