Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Invasion of the body Snatchers Review.

I liked The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers as the strange characters, most of which were very 'shady' I thought most of the acting was quite funny at times as I am much more used to the newer films 1990-2009 as this is my 'time' If I had the choice of watching the film again in B&W or in colour, I would definately choose B&W as it keeps the classic look and feel. Whereas if it was in colour it would lose the feel of a classic.

A review from another source:

A quintessential, black and white B-picture, it was precisely-executed and packed with action by director Don Siegel, plus a scary musical score from
Carmen Dragon. The subtle, low-budget film (at about $420,000) is very effective in eliciting horror with slow-building tension, even though there are no
monsters (just indestructible plant-like pods), minimal special effects, no violence in the take-over of humans, and no deaths. The film had a few
preliminary titles: Sleep No More, Better Off Dead, and They Came From Another World before the final choice was made.

The theme of the cautionary,
politicized film was open to varying interpretations, including paranoia toward
the spread of a harmful ideology such as socialistic Communism, or the sweeping
mass hysteria of McCarthyism in the 1950s and blacklisting of Hollywood, the
spread of an unknown malignancy or virulent germ (read fear of annihilation by
'nuclear war'), or the numbing of our individuality and emotional psyches
through conformity and group-think. Yet its main theme was the alien (read
'Communist') dehumanization and take-over of an entire community by large seed
pods (found in basements, automobile trunks, a greenhouse, and on a pool table)
that replicated and replaced human beings. And it told of the heroic struggle of
one helpless but determined man of conscience, a small-town doctor (McCarthy),
to vainly combat and quell the deadly, indestructible threat."



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'Return of the Invasion of the Body-Snatchers' - see below for snippets from the three remakes - and, if you have time, give them a go - the 1993 version is often overlooked...







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