Sunday, November 29, 2009

Finally made the maya house..

Took my time but finally got around it. I only rendered the images in 640x480 as it rendered quicker.


tutorphil said...

Evening Dan,

You work fast - and suddenly your blog looks so much smarter! :-) & as I'm feeling picky, can I suggest you sort out your title and lose the double full-stop after '3 yr' and 'animation'... go on, make it perfect!

See you tomorrow at 11am - Lecture Theatre 2 - for the 'big push'!

Alan Postings said...

Hi Dan

Looks like you didn't quite get as far as you hoped. Perhaps an element of poor time management vs problem solving. It generally takes twice as long as you think to do anything in CG so make sure you put aside some extra time. Good luck in the next project.

D Bright said...

Thanks phil, all sorted, ive checked out 'Phills' blog, looking good so far.
Thanks Alan, Yeah I thought it would be quicker than I had anticipated, took longer due to the UV layouts and stuff. Well Yeah thanks for the input from tutors. :)

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