Friday, November 06, 2009


Well my first time using a grafix tablet so yh.. I think I could have done better but overall I think I have accomplished the feel of the room. There are a few more bits needed, A shelf with carvings on, dust everywhere, a stream of light behind the camera, The door at the end of the hall... Lots more to be added.... anyway...

Please let me know what you all think :) I do think the yellow'y tint is a bit too much?


Jackie said...

Hi Dan! Not bad for a first go! I'm not sure about the yellow tint either - maybe its just a bit too uniform...?

tutorphil said...

Hi Dan,

Check out the link below to an illustration of the Hall of Bright Carvings by Ian Miller - as you will see, it is an elaboration on the description in the novel, but it might help you to 'widen' the scope of this environment and produce something a bit more theatrical.

I congratulate you on getting to grips with the tablet - but, compositionally, I'd suggest that putting the un-interrupted view of the tunnel into your image creates an 'emptying' effect - your eye disappears to the back of the picture plane; consider re-thinking your composition for your next attempt for a more interesting and complex final image.

D Bright said...

Ooohh Ian Millers take on the Hall of Bright Carvings, was amazing :) ill post picture in new post.
The thing I liked the most about it is.. ughh ill put it in the post :)

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