Saturday, November 07, 2009

Ian Millers Take on Hall of Bright Carvings

This is Ian Millers take on The Hall of Bright Carvings, I had a different view of the 'HoBC' from the reading of the chapter, as from the previous post I have a long hallway with a shelf, which wasnt on the sketches.. but this example looks much more brighter, and 'open' I though to my self when I started this project to keep specifically to the text but from this image I see, it's my own interpretation.. So ill have a whack again during tommorow ;)


Simon Holland 74 said...

Hi Dan,

I personally prefer Millers interpretation of HoBC mainly because its baroque/gothic details are what spring into my head whenever I read Peake. The Rodney Matthews interpretation is a bit cutesy for my liking. But. Check that out as well.

By now you should have some visual stugg going on, I gather its your interim tomorrow so I can't wait to see what you have done.

D Bright said...

I cant seem to find the Rodney Matthews take on HoBC. I have searched his website and Google for it but still cant seem to find it :/ I have also searched google for 'Titus Groan Illustrations' & 'Hall of Bright Carvings Illustrations' but I still cant find any more inspiration..

I have been rather lazy lately and have such been slacking. Im not going to make excuses as thats not fair. But I shall be getting on with work tonight & tomorrow. :D

Catch you soon.

Simon Holland 74 said...

see if the library has either "Last Ship Home" or "In Search of Forever" by Rodney Matthews, published by Paper Tiger iirc, it is one of those two.

Below is a quick to do list of roughly where you should be by the weekend.

I shall go into a bit more detail as to what you should have in your blog by now.
1.An analysis of the 3 scenes you are illustrating with sketches and annotations.

2. Research into the genre and examples of how others have tackled this subject.

3. Numerous thumbnail drawings, sketches and notes.

4. Visual research to identify and justify the "Look" of your universe.

5. Preliminary drawings that are starting to focus your research and experimentation to a starting point for your 3 final images.

Ideally this needs to done and up ASAP.... Remember scan don't photograph sketchbook pages and reference material.

Hope that helps as a checklist.

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