Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Current Project

Hi all, I feel so down, I havent done much work in the past weeks and I am feeling the payment for it now.. My Maya isnt working on my laptop, it keeps crashing, and I cant get the texturing to go right. Im planning on coming into uni on wednesday and thursday to do Maya but then ive still got the photoshop and essay to do.. I really need to sort myself out.. Im not asking for sympathy due to my laziness but just thought I'd update you all. Thanks for reading..


On a positive note I did go and collect reference material yesterday -.- for my garage scene. heres how it went..

The 'BIG' idea i have in my head is of a run-down set of 3 parking garages, with rubble + rubbish scattered infront, the only light sources being one street lamp, light from one of the garages, and moonlight. The furthest garage will look as if the door has been ripped open from the bottom. There will be some sort of bin nearby with a shirt hanging out of it, and a rubber duck near the opened garage.

This is what i dont get, Ive got the ideas all up there but i cant seem to draw it out. I think this is mainly why I have been putting it to one side.. Well I had better get back to it.. Thanks for reading again. Hope to see you all on.. *gulp* Crit Day...



Bluejetdude said...

Don't worry about and just do what you can at the time. If you can't do maya till wednesday and thursday then do the essay today. just plan it out from now and work yourself stupid. I'm sure you'll do it mate

Jackie said...

Keep going Dan ! :)

D Bright said...

thanks for the support earl. I keep putting myself down which I shouldnt be.. :/ thanks again

tutorphil said...

Hey Dan - a bit of self-knowledge goes a long way; this may not be your 'shining moment', but, if you can remember how it feels right now to be behind schedule and bloody miserable, perhaps this is an important experience for you; one look at the third year blogs should show you that this course is not for the faint-hearted; it should also show you that, in time, you will be capable of making incredible things; don't waste any more energy self-flagellating (look it up!) - get your essay written and push through the work; if your concept art exists, it can guide everyone re. the art direction and 'look' of your scene, even if the Maya doesn't quite cut the mustard.

Never do this to yourself again. It's as simple as that.

Best of luck with getting back on track.

Jackie said...

Believe me, this is the worst term - xmas in the first year ! You just don't realise how quickly you fall behind - don't worry ... things will pick up agian now!! J

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