Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quick Update..

Hey everyone, My laptop 'Should' be here today, Im hoping :D

The main reason for this post is to ask for a slight hand.

You see to the left of this post there is a tab 'undefined' with a two toned tab? *BELOW*
Does anyone know how to get rid of this text or to make it actually say the date+time of the post? thanks.

My Three Words will be uploaded later today due to the dramatic changes of my Blog I am planning to run a theme through the whole of my images uploaded, so there is some sort of organisation.



(Ohhh and another question, the three tabs at the top of the blog, 'Home' 'About' 'Archives' does anyone actuallly know how to make these link to something? or can i just edit them out? thanks again)


Bluejetdude said...

I had these issues when I was looking for a new theme. I fixed it by getting a new theme. I coudn't find out how to do it. All I can guess is that its in the HTML somewhere

D Bright said...

ahh ok thanks earl, I have found the code for it in the HTML but I have no idea what to edit :/ I suppose I can just delete it? but will it mess up the theme? hmmmmmm...

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