Friday, January 22, 2010

New Laptop On Its Way!!

Hey everyone just to let you know..

You probs dont even care but oh well :P

Ive ordered the Sony Vaio today, Core 2 Duo, 4gb ram, nVidia Gfx card, will be sweet for Maya, if I can get it to run :p

Well yeah I should be able to keep up with all this work ahead of me now. Well not until tuesday when it arrives :) I shall post my verdict of my latest purchase when I get it :p



Bluejetdude said...

Arriving tuesday? nice. but this week is 'READING WEEK' woooooooo

D Bright said...

ahaaaa 'READING WEEK' nope, not for me, WORKING week, well uni working that is :P gotta get back up to scratch..

tutorphil said...

You know, everyone experiences a 'duff' unit now and then - when thing conspire and the mojo goes missing; that said, your final image had bags of potential - but not enough art-direction oomph! Finish it for your own satisfaction and skill-base - and then embrace a sweet and clean semester 2... be amazing, Dan. Looking forward to it :-)

D Bright said...

thanks 'TutorPhil' I WILL be finishing this unit once my laptop arrives. I shall be upping my game from now on and getting all work done before hand so its not 'rushed' within the last week or even the last few days. Thanks.

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