Saturday, October 17, 2009

Maya - Week 1

Had my first Maya tutorial today, Baring in mind I have never used maya before but have been using Cinema 4D for about 3-4 years now so I know the very basics of modelling.

In this first week we learent how to model a pair of dice, which to begin with seemed like a doddle. But after encountering several errors and hiccups, I still couldnt get the textures to go on correctly. Heres the dice without the dotty texture, Atleast I tried.

I then cheated and opened the render in Photoshop, Added the dots and made B&W, Looked pants in colour :P

I think it looks slightly older with the B&W effect. But I know, TutorAlan has said that we shouldnt just slap things in PhotoShop and apply B&W on them. But in this case I had no other option. :P

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