Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life Drawing - Week 5

Life Drawing with a new model, slightly younger than the previous two models, but nether-the-less still similar shapes.. well here goes..

Ughh.. well yh will be uploaded hopefully tomorrow. Havent got camera with me now. Night Bloggerssss
Sorry for the delay, Im having trouble with my mums kodak 'easyshare' camera.. Ive taken the photo's of my life drawings, but cant seem to connect the camera to my pc. I shall have a search on the internet tonight for the drivers, then try again.. Really sorry for the delay...
Whoa finally.. Found the installation cd for the camera.. Heres the saucy pics.. No under 18's please.. :P Hmm Blogger automatically puts picures at top of post. So You will have seen them first.. :D


Simon Holland 74 said...

Its ok I'm fairly certain that a few life drawings will not traumatise anyone. How are you getting on with Peake?

Simon Holland 74 said...


you seem to have a couple of blogs going on, so if you have strange comments on other posts please forgive me. which one is going to be your main one?

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