Saturday, October 17, 2009

Workshop Induction and more!

This week me and five other classmates attended the catch-up workshop induction.
We learnt how to make a....

Yup you guessed it!

This was quick and simple to make, took about 10 mins. Also got a health and safety check thing done. So im all good to use the workshop if I would ever need to :)


On another note, I found this painting I made for my GCSE Art work. It was intended for four 'main' countries. In my own opinion. Please dont say oh why isnt this there, why is that there.. It was what i thought was right at the time of creation :D here it is..

Well what does everyone think? For those of you who dont know. Clockwise from 12 o'clock we have: Eiffel Tower, TajMahal, Big Ben, and the Empire State Building. And the edges of the painting were intended to show 'Rural' and 'Urban'. Also, in the definate background, we have the Sydney Opera House.

Thoughts Please? :D

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