Monday, October 19, 2009

Life Drawing - Week 4

Again I am here at life drawing session..
This life drawing session for me, was most sucessful. I have drawn 8 images today.
Four of which are focusing on certain areas of the model.
Enough chit-chat here goes..

I think this drawing is quite accomplishing, Its quite abstract in its entirety but if you look closely you can see that its a model holding an easel strange concept but interesting too :D

This drawing is about focusing on the 'negative space' around the model, I decided to make a silhouette of the model as it seemed more questionable. Who is this person, why are they there? There are plenty of ideas behind this drawing.
This Drawing is... sideways...
**Please could you rotate your head -90 degrees**
Anyway.. This drawing is focusing on the object around the model. I think the only noticeable place where I went wrong is the stand for the Easel. I also think that this is one of the more accomplished of the drawings so far.

**The following photos were taken on my phone, hence the lower quality**

I managed to rotate this one before uploading, ill remember that for future reference.. I see this image as being rushed. The model just turned to face the opposite way, I then tried to copy the previous drawings' 'easel' and this didnt turn out too good.In this image I looked closer at the hands, at how the fingers looped in and over each other, at first i couldnt get the thumb on the closest hand the right shape. but it still doesnt look perfect but it looks pretty cool :D This one im happy with.This foot didnt turn out too good, even though i got the shading pretty close, the foor still looks awkward :/ I think it was the toes that threw me off, I couldnt get the right perspective on them.This was a good attempt at drawing hands, one of the areas of the body I struggle drawing, if you look back over my previous life drawing sessions i just draw hands and feet as blobs :P
This was meant to be the models' head. I started with the outline, then drew in the hair, and then the ear. But couldnt quite get the eyes/nose/mouth right. I then thought, shade the face and see if i can get the right shading. It looks ok but not the best again. If I had of gotten the facial features in it would be more 'attractive'.

This drawing has given me inspiration for my portraits.
What if a Face didnt have any features? Or missing a few features?
Ill look further into this :D

Bye for now.

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