Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Metropolis.. What more needs to be said? The film itself was VERY VERY clear as to how it inspired the Sci-Fi genre.. The Rise of the Workers? How about the Rise of the Machines? Hows about the 'Machine-Man' could be like 'I-Robot'? taking the look of real humans..

The look and feel of this movie are absolutely stunning! Even for a film made in 1927! The Image above shows one of my favourite scenes, where the 'machine-man' turns into Maria.

I wont give a full description of the film as lots of other people have it so heres one Adam Bailey wrote:
"The city is being controlled by the upper class which is led by a man called Jon Fredersen. Fredersen controls all of the workers who run the machines which are beneath the cities depths. Maria who is a evangilical character advises the workforce that they should not start a revolution but wait for the arrival of the Mediator, Freder Fredersen (son of Jon)." - I have given credits to Adam Bailey for this quote, taken from his blog.

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