Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Transcription: Marketing!

DVD Cover 
DVD Disk

Transcription: Nearing the End...

New Logo
Business Card

Making Of Book Cover

Whoa - Just what I needed..

I left my computer rendering overnight; at 1.30am it was rendering fine. Woke up this morning to check the computer - it had turned itself off. At first I thought "Ah that's weird.." So I turned it on and saw this screen...

My heart stopped for a split second, a tear drop rolled down my face. Nah just kidding I'm a 'ard man. Anyway.. I restarted my computer and it came on properly.. I checked how far the render had got 214/325 - it took around 10 hours to render 200 frames :/ Something isn't right... Anyway.. 100 More frames to render, started again at 9.45 am this morning so it should be rendered by around 3 / 4 PM - meaning I'll have to rush the finishing up.

I'm just glad the computer wasn't screwed.