Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Character: The Birth Parents

For the Character project I was given;

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Story Idea; KLED Studios

Story Idea;

Baby was released from the center of the earth through a *Volcano*, exploding over a small town, the lava/ash doesn't kill anyone.

*The Baby is inside a rock which got fired up with the explosion, and blasted back down to earth, smashed into the ground, like a meteor.

The baby is similar to Kins' sketch, the lava/rock monster. But scaled down. *Link Below*

The baby clamers out of the rock, which was cracked and battered as it smashed into the ground. The first thing the Baby notices, is that he is in a garden of a american type suburban neighbourhood.

To Be Continued.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Maya: LipSync'ing Test

Leo's designs - Re-Worked

As soon as I saw the post on the group blog I then decided I could take them a slight bit further on.

^ Original Post by Leo.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Group Logo Idea; Kins logo Explored..

I have expanded on kins idea for the logo;
Kins' Post 'HERE'

I have worked on a new document, set at 325px by 325px.

Single logo's for each group member?

 I then tried to mix all four of the previous together, making the rainbow effect, but it doesn't look as meaningful or professional.

I then went onto the single, blue gradient, for example, to create a rough Web layout.

What does everyone think about this?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unit 1 - Narrative

The first unit of year two and it has started off on a Steamer!

I've been placed in a group of four people;
Dan Bright
Leo Tsang
Elly Mcgregor
Kin Chan

The title for this first unit is; Narrative. It is a group project in which we 'Collaborate' to create a 2 Minute trailer for a B(udget) Movie. We chose at random four parts of a title, ours was;

The way you see it, is how we chose the parts.

Our Group blog is;

Monday, September 20, 2010

LEDKollaborations Logo Idea 01

I've taken about 5 mins to make this logo design. I'd like some input please ;D


Horoscopes Anyone?

Well.. I just logged in to my iGoogle page, and I saw a horoscope box. All it asked for was my D.O.B. I don't usually believe or even read the Horoscopes but I thought what the heck I'll have a look..

You may be more confident today as you restart a project that was recently set aside. Perhaps a dreamy moment has you thinking about making your life more pleasant. But if you take a deep breath and pay careful attention to what you're feeling in your gut, you might catch a glimpse of where your life is heading. However, caution is advised, for you could push hard only to find that you're reaching for the wrong goal.

Strange or what.. Restarting a project that was recently set aside, could this be 1 Becomes 2? Or could it even be referencing starting Uni work again. Pay careful attention to what you're feeling in your gut, meaning actually get my work done without wasting time etc.. Reaching for the wrong goal, I'm definately not going to look further into this one.. I enjoy CG Arts, but could this even be referring to the project which we are starting today..

Well... The strangeness over.. Welcome everyone to returning to UCA. I read on the group blog that we are starting @ 11.30 in Lecture Theatre 1. I hope that's correct. But I'll be there so I will see you all soon.

Until Then....

Thursday, September 09, 2010


Hi All,

Just a quick post I thought I should mention;

Over the past few months I've taken a liking to webdesign, mainly the layouts in Photoshop etc.. Then transferring them and coding them into working html pages and the like.

I stumbled upon the following diagram when trying to find out what my sites are 'Missing'

This might help all 'www' enthusiasts in the group. I then sumbled upon the name 'Lance Thackeray'

He is an expert (in many peoples' eyes) at Photoshop Interface design. Heres a few pieces of his work;

In due course I'll be changing my blog around, once again.. trying to create the best look and feel I can. I was thinking about setting up a WordPress blog on my domain - db-graphics.info - but then no-one would be able to follow it. WordPress is a smarter tool to work with and easily customizable. But saying that, Blogger themes are just .xml files I believe. That shouldn't be hard to modify to my liking.. Anyway, enough blabber...

Lance Thackeray has a DeviantArt page for all those Deviants out there;
(http://pureav.deviantart.com/gallery/) < Gallery of his work..

In time, I will be busting with graphics like these.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Re-Enrolled for Year 2!

Hello everyone!

Just a heads up, I enrolled again and I have received a list of Units for this year;

Models & Metaphors
Research (Framing Practice)
I'm looking forward to the Narrative and Character Units.

I also look forward to seeing you all again.