Thursday, January 28, 2010

Late Upload: Maya Texturing Part 3

Blood Vessels:


Water Droplets:

Pages from a Book:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Laptop Update..

Hey everyone. Slight dissapointment this end..

My new laptop, which I waited indoors from
8.00am - 8.00pm for didnt turn up..

Im a tad annoyed.
I shall be waiting around tomorrow for it and if it doesnt turn up,
unlucky Mr Sony, I might just have my money back -.-

Well there you have it, hardly any work done today due to the slackiness of the delivery company working for Sony.. Surely they could do something right?

Night Bloggers.

Unit 4 Intro

Well after a few hours of modifications to my blog this morning I am pleased to say this theme is going to stick. (For a while)

Unit 4 is about creating a 1 Minute Previs, A Previs is:
Previsualization (also known as previz or previs) is a term that is often misused to describe any technique that attempts to visualize scenes in a movie before filming begins. (wiki)

and an Animatic:
an animatic is a series of still images edited together and displayed in sequence. (wiki)

We were all given a curious envelope with three words inside, One Character, One Object, and One Place. This was all randomised several times so no one should get, A Business man, A briefcase, and an office..

Heres my given three words..

Quick Update..

Hey everyone, My laptop 'Should' be here today, Im hoping :D

The main reason for this post is to ask for a slight hand.

You see to the left of this post there is a tab 'undefined' with a two toned tab? *BELOW*
Does anyone know how to get rid of this text or to make it actually say the date+time of the post? thanks.

My Three Words will be uploaded later today due to the dramatic changes of my Blog I am planning to run a theme through the whole of my images uploaded, so there is some sort of organisation.



(Ohhh and another question, the three tabs at the top of the blog, 'Home' 'About' 'Archives' does anyone actuallly know how to make these link to something? or can i just edit them out? thanks again)

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Laptop On Its Way!!

Hey everyone just to let you know..

You probs dont even care but oh well :P

Ive ordered the Sony Vaio today, Core 2 Duo, 4gb ram, nVidia Gfx card, will be sweet for Maya, if I can get it to run :p

Well yeah I should be able to keep up with all this work ahead of me now. Well not until tuesday when it arrives :) I shall post my verdict of my latest purchase when I get it :p


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Maya Update

Quick update :P

Worried about deadline 2moro, half an essay, no photoshop.. :/

Well yeah mysterious red light emitting from a garage... The chair looks a bit pants but ill modify that soon :/ not looking forward to the crit..


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maya Progress..

Hey all ive been slaving away with maya today, using textures I collected yesterday I have created this so far..

This last image is to show the way I have deleted sides which are 'un-needed' saves render time and processor power. I hope I can finish this modeling by Friday :/

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Start of Essay

The UnCanny (Un-Home-Ly) was a concept elaborated on and developed by Sigmund Freud through which something can be familiar, but strange at the same time, giving us the feeling of it being very uncomfortably strange. Because the UnCanny is something familiar but strange we get a uncomfortable feeling which is caused by two contraditory ideas (The object + The Meaning) for example a life like doll is uncanny as we look at it as a real person/human, but on the other hand it does not move and has no life. Whereas a Zombie is uncanny as we know it has been living but has then died and been re-born as a Zombie. Thus creating a disturbed feeling, but we all look at Zombies as being 'un-real' and strange.

The UnCanny Valley shows how as things become more familiar and 'human' they then become more UnCanny.


As you can see from the above image an industrial robot isnt very UnCanny as it doesnt look very human, it may have just an arm to move an object but it isnt very human. On the other hand we go further up the line to a stuffed animal, we know this animal would be living and still could be living but is more towards the UnCanny than an industrial robot. Where as towards the near end we see a prosthetic hand, this is nearing perfection of the human likeness.

The above is a Prosthetic Hand used in the film Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

The film I am going to analyse and 'uncannise' is Wall-E. A very popular film for all ages. I myself have seen it about 5 times. The story line features virtually no dialogue, the first scene opens with the tragic robot 'Wall-E' racing through a deserted, rubbish filled city, speeding through skyscrapers and equally tall compacted rubbish heaps. Wall-E is the last living thing on Earth (Aside from his CockRoach friend). Wall-E developed an inquisitive personality by doing what he was built to do, allocate and dispose of human waste, day after day for 700 years, all due to the fact that nobody switched him off when they left the now-hostile planet. Soon after though the Directive led 'Eve' comes down into Wall-E's life, who then becomes the main soul of his life. Wall-E then follows her back to the 'Mother Ship' in space. The near final scene of Wall-E and Eve dancing in space with a Fire-Extinguisher Propulsion has taken up its place in the memorable moments in an expansive romantic story.


462 words :/

Essay Choosing

My chosen film for the UnCanny Essay is 'Wall-E'

This film focuses on a lonely robot on Earth who has been left behind to clean up the planet, but then another robot Eva comes to Earth to investigate and Wall-E 'falls in love' with her. More to come Stay tuned...

On another note, heres a vid from YouTube about Uncanny Valley:

Current Project

Hi all, I feel so down, I havent done much work in the past weeks and I am feeling the payment for it now.. My Maya isnt working on my laptop, it keeps crashing, and I cant get the texturing to go right. Im planning on coming into uni on wednesday and thursday to do Maya but then ive still got the photoshop and essay to do.. I really need to sort myself out.. Im not asking for sympathy due to my laziness but just thought I'd update you all. Thanks for reading..


On a positive note I did go and collect reference material yesterday -.- for my garage scene. heres how it went..

The 'BIG' idea i have in my head is of a run-down set of 3 parking garages, with rubble + rubbish scattered infront, the only light sources being one street lamp, light from one of the garages, and moonlight. The furthest garage will look as if the door has been ripped open from the bottom. There will be some sort of bin nearby with a shirt hanging out of it, and a rubber duck near the opened garage.

This is what i dont get, Ive got the ideas all up there but i cant seem to draw it out. I think this is mainly why I have been putting it to one side.. Well I had better get back to it.. Thanks for reading again. Hope to see you all on.. *gulp* Crit Day...