Monday, December 20, 2010

Character Development: Villain WorkOut

I've drawn out a few designs/ideas for my Villain.

I've also decided upon 99% of props and colours for my character;

  • Hat - Dark Brown / Black / Grey
  • Shirt - White
  • Tie - Red
  • WaistCoat - Dark Red
  • Coat/Jacket - Dark Grey
  • Trousers - Black
  • Shoes - Black
  • Badge - Gold
  • Guns / Holster - Silver Gun - Brown/Leather Holster
I've painted a quick mock up of the colours over the last drawing, in PhotoShop;

This character is still needing some final body adjustments, and might also undergo a makeover too.

More to come.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Character Development: Defining the Unforgiven

Unforgiven is a film about redemption, a girl is beaten and dis-figured, whose friends set a bounty on the mans' head who delivered this evil. $500. The citizens of the town grew menacing towards the Sheriff, who didn't do anything about the man who beat up the woman. This brought English Bob and Little Bill Daggett to meet.

English Bob

English Bob meets Little Bill Daggett in this scene, after a few years. And ends up getting in a good 'ole scuffle. And Little Bill Daggett is victorious. I believe the outfit of English Bob, is very smart and makes him look tough but I would also need some of the details from Little Bill Daggett to make him look more "Sheriff" like.
Little Bill Daggett
More to come. Stay Tuned.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

One-A-Day: Logo Competition.

In response to this. I have started to design/create a logo. I'm not sure if anyone else is, but It will be complete by the end of tonight ;)

My result will be posted here, and on the UCA CG Arts Group Blog.

I spent the last 2 hours on this, on and off. Below is a kind of 'step-by-step' of the progress. Thanks.

Final Piece

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Character Development: Villainous Research

I watched a western the other day, Unforgiven (1992) with Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, and Morgan Freeman.

Retired Old West gunslinger William Munny reluctantly takes on one last job, with the help of his old partner and a young man.

This was very, very influential in my decision for my Villain. I shall be using the Sheriff type but with 'friendly' characteristics. I feel the character English Bob would be suitable for this role, with a slight modification to his character.

English Bob, is the patriotic English assasin, who was hired by the prostitutes to kill two Cowboys, because they "Cut Up" the face of one of the girls. The reward was $500, but English Bob does not succed. Little Bill, the sheriff of Big Whiskey takes his firearms and beats him up, and then sends him on the next train home!
Played superbly by the late Richard Harris RIP.

English Bob, is the gentleman on the right of this image. I'm in the process of ordering a copy of the film, from which I will then look into further, sketching out ideas for my character, and creating more screenshots of English Bob, for everyone to see.

Internet Movie Database: Link
YouTube Trailer: Link

Character Development: Verifying the Villain

For when the Good guy isn't enough.

Today I've been looking into a general area of Stereo-Typical Western Sheriff for my villain. I've created a back story for him, allowing me to give a better vision of what he could look like.

He is a Bastard. He lost his father and has become mean and evil because he cannot have what he desires. He lashes out at people when he can't get his own way. He feels entitled to have anything and everything.

He is mis-understood. He just wants to have a relationship with a father like figure, but he can't because he is too up front and confrontational to everyone. He want's the Emperors Sword because it is a stunning item, a cherish-able item.

Below are some examples of Western Sheriffs' (Correct apostrophe?)

I have been trying to think of how to make him more meaner, but very subtle, and I believe the image below shows that quite well. He has all the features I'm after, including his gun.
I will carry this idea through and I shall keep you updated.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Character Development: Finding a Hero

Finding a Hero That Suits The Job.

In choosing a hero you need to consider lots of things. Who are they? What are they? Why do they do what they do? What is their background? 

I have established that I would like the Hero to be a Young Female, this would make for better emotions - Sad - Happy - Mischief.

In writing I have noted that the young female would be Sweet and Friendly, and she would never let anyone down on purpose. She is Kind, Responsible, and also doesn't like to be confronted

Her Parents are in possession of an Emperors Sword. They were murdered in an attempt to steal it. She is now looking for the killer in a bid for revenge.

She is usually very shy, and doesn't like meeting new people.

I have yet to decide upon a Flaw/Phobia and a Bad Side, this will give our Hero a fully resolved Personality and Background.

Next up, Villain Development.

Character Development: A New Beginning

A New Beginning to prove to myself.

The project starts with my random words - Western - Ninjas - For this I will look into different media, films, and books to try and get a better understanding of both of the subjects. From that I will then work on choosing and developing characters - Hero - Villain - SideKick.

Once I have developed the characters to a workable standard, I will then work on one of the three characters and fully develop it.

The OutCome will be a fully resolved character with colour swatches, full turn-arounds, and maybe a few location concepts.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Personal Project: Pripyat / Chernobyl

Well, I started a personal project earlier this evening. So far my progress.

Image 1 - Starting Block Test | Image 2 - Mirroring Test

Image 3 - Work On Column | Image 4 - Work on Left Wall + Column

Image 5 - Placing Chair | Image 6 - Quick Chair Block Test.

Comments are appreciated, Rants are too ;)

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Transcription: The Starfish Story

Whilst I was at work (Greggs) the other day, I sat there in boredom (on my break) and started reading a leaflet. On the back was a short story/poem entitled 'The Starfish Story'. Greggs use this story/poem to help better understand what it is the staff should be doing. Read the story/poem to understand better. Thoughts below it.

A man was walking along a beach at sunset when he noticed another man in the distance leaning down and picking something up, and hurling it into the sea.

As the first man approached, he noticed that the second man was picking up starfish that had been washed up onto the beach. The man was picking them up one at a time and throwing them back into the water.

The first man was amazed by this and asked the second man what he was doing. The second man replied that the starfish had been washed up onto the shore because of the low tide and that they would die if they didnt get back into the water.

The first man said "but there are thousands of starfish you cant possibly make a difference"
The second man smiled, bent down picked up yet another starfish and as he threw it back into the water he repled "I made a difference to that one"

Basically, I can see an animation coming of this. Modelling, rigging and skinning two characters, (maybe 3 due to Starfish) then animating the water. Sounds quite simple as of today.

Let me know your thoughts and any suggestions. Thanks.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Character Sessions with Justin

I Can't remember which weeks were when, so I'll upload all images in one post. Keep it all nice and tidy ;)

Character: Villain Development

Character: Hero Development

Jade Development.
Main Influence of Clothing.