Thursday, December 09, 2010

Character Development: Verifying the Villain

For when the Good guy isn't enough.

Today I've been looking into a general area of Stereo-Typical Western Sheriff for my villain. I've created a back story for him, allowing me to give a better vision of what he could look like.

He is a Bastard. He lost his father and has become mean and evil because he cannot have what he desires. He lashes out at people when he can't get his own way. He feels entitled to have anything and everything.

He is mis-understood. He just wants to have a relationship with a father like figure, but he can't because he is too up front and confrontational to everyone. He want's the Emperors Sword because it is a stunning item, a cherish-able item.

Below are some examples of Western Sheriffs' (Correct apostrophe?)

I have been trying to think of how to make him more meaner, but very subtle, and I believe the image below shows that quite well. He has all the features I'm after, including his gun.
I will carry this idea through and I shall keep you updated.

Thanks for reading.

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