Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Laptop Update..

Hey everyone. Slight dissapointment this end..

My new laptop, which I waited indoors from
8.00am - 8.00pm for didnt turn up..

Im a tad annoyed.
I shall be waiting around tomorrow for it and if it doesnt turn up,
unlucky Mr Sony, I might just have my money back -.-

Well there you have it, hardly any work done today due to the slackiness of the delivery company working for Sony.. Surely they could do something right?

Night Bloggers.


Sam Hayes said...

That sucks Dan. It always seems to happen, they have all day to deliver something and by the deadline it just doesn't turn up, either that or you blink and miss the delivery,meaning you have to wait even longer.

Good luck with getting it today lol.

Bluejetdude said...

laptops are a pain. My laptop just decided to renew its subscription for virus protection for £50 for no reason. I still have (had) a month left.

D Bright said...

lol well as the day goes on I think im getting more annoyed with Mr Sony, they transferred the wrong one to the Maidstone shop (White + lower specs instead of Red + higher specs) So ive got to wait until next TUESDAY! gahh when can I get my laptop... anyway.. no more distractions or excses, Ive got to get some work done, see you lot on Monday :)

Jackie said...

It'll be worth it when it finally arrives!

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