Monday, September 20, 2010

Horoscopes Anyone?

Well.. I just logged in to my iGoogle page, and I saw a horoscope box. All it asked for was my D.O.B. I don't usually believe or even read the Horoscopes but I thought what the heck I'll have a look..

You may be more confident today as you restart a project that was recently set aside. Perhaps a dreamy moment has you thinking about making your life more pleasant. But if you take a deep breath and pay careful attention to what you're feeling in your gut, you might catch a glimpse of where your life is heading. However, caution is advised, for you could push hard only to find that you're reaching for the wrong goal.

Strange or what.. Restarting a project that was recently set aside, could this be 1 Becomes 2? Or could it even be referencing starting Uni work again. Pay careful attention to what you're feeling in your gut, meaning actually get my work done without wasting time etc.. Reaching for the wrong goal, I'm definately not going to look further into this one.. I enjoy CG Arts, but could this even be referring to the project which we are starting today..

Well... The strangeness over.. Welcome everyone to returning to UCA. I read on the group blog that we are starting @ 11.30 in Lecture Theatre 1. I hope that's correct. But I'll be there so I will see you all soon.

Until Then....

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