Thursday, February 04, 2010

Story Choosing..

I have chosen the story:

A stunt man Fashion Show
Stunt men walking up the catwalk, on fire, acrobatics, underwater act?

Scene 1 opens with roaring music and the crowd cheering, the scene looks just like any ordinary fashion show. Lights flashing, slight fog on the catwalk, then a voice, 'Are You Ready?'
(The camera zooms over the catwalk length, from the end to the entrance for the begining of Scene 2)

Scene 2 opens with the entrance of the catwalk and a man walks out (Overweight, short, and wearing bright coloured jumpsuit) giving us a strange sense something is wrong / wierd. He struts his stuff to the end of the catwalk and then pulls out a match, sets him self on fire and casually struts back down the catwalk. The next person out is a tall female (really skinny, really tall,

Gone to class :p

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