Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Story Idea!

Hey everyone I've been thinking all week what my story could be about. and I think I've come to terms with it.
A RAPACIOUS KITE: The story.. The kite is a 'box-kite' like below.

  • The story begins with, Day 1: a young boy letting his kite out, the kite soars through the air, getting quite high it see's a bird. The kite 'chases' the bird trying to catch it in its so-called mouth. (The front of the kite flaps about as if he is getting hungry.) Doesn't quite catch him, the boy brings the kite back down and goes back indoors.
  • Day 2: The boy comes out again, sends the kite up again, like before, the kite soars around, and spots the same bird again. He tries harder this time to catch the bird, you can see him trying harder due to 'stretching + distorting' again he doesn't quite make it and decides that's all for this day.
  • Day 3: the boy comes out for the final day, this time the kite goes up, soars about for a while and spots the same bird! He sets up the chase, he speeds towards the bird, he is now right behind the bird, nearly got him in his 'mouth', when the camera cuts to the kites' string, we see it start to fray and snap

  • The string snaps and the kite shoots towards the bird, the bird carries on flying normally and the kite shoots  right around the bird and plumets to the floor. The camera cuts back to the bird who is 'laughing' at the kite, the bird then hits the wall face first and the scene fades out.

  • Now.. Does that get too complicated? I would love to have some input please people :) Thanks.


    tutorphil said...

    It reads as complicated... You've got a minute - I think you could simply tell the story of a kite going after a bird - sort of like a dog-fight in an old war film; I don't think you want to start introducing a 'boy' character either - cut to the chase!

    tutorphil said...

    Re. our discussion earlier...

    Clean, simple story-telling with lots of 'rubber hose' exaggeration...

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