Monday, May 10, 2010

PreVis - 01

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tutorphil said...

Hi Dan - got your email - sorry to hear you were unwell - perhaps pulling an all-nighter didn't help? Anyway, I appreciate the effort to which you went in order to ensure you had something to show; I've sent the link to Dr Peter Klappa + your email, so you may well get some feedback.

My feedback goes something like this: a) your music is over-powering - it's much to dramatic and tension-building, and is at odds with the style of your animation, which is rather more low-key and 'whimsical'.

b) While I very much like the idea of the diagrams etc. being projected out of the book, you keep the audience stuck at mid-distance (this may just be a pre-viz thing) - which is like drawing a doodle in the very corner of a large sheet of paper; the whole point of cg is that it can do wonderful things, so don't maroon your audience on the outskirts, draw them into your world and let them 'immerse' in the diagrams - otherwise, what's the point of bringing them out into 'real' space?

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