Thursday, July 15, 2010

1 Becomes 2 Brief

This is the Brief for my Summer Project

You are to respond imaginatively to the ‘soundscape’ allocated you at time of briefing. It may inspire an environment, character(s), story or gaming concept. The musical extract might be included in the final submission as a soundtrack or might serve only as a starting point for further development. Your response might be entirely abstract and synesthetic in line with Fantasia’s Toccata and fugue in d minor or the work of Norman Mclaren.

Whatever your approach, you must demonstrate how the ‘soundscape’ has driven your creative response. Your workflow should follow the pipeline of tasks established by your year one curriculum -– pre-production, production, postproduction - with each stage clearly ‘unpacked’, archived and reflected upon via your creative development blog.

Your creative development is to be edited and readied for publication in the form of a professionally printed ‘The Art of…’ book. There are numerous online companies that provide this service, a selection of which are listed below.

You should be ambitious, investigative, and self-directed. Where necessary, you should expect to supplement your existing technical skills via online tutorials. You should also use this opportunity to revisit your Stage 1 technical tutorials.

Competition entries will be judged by a panel – not by your tutors!

1st Prize – Wacom Intuos4 Graphics Tablet
2nd Prize - £50 Vouchers (TBC)
3rd Prize - £25 Vouchers (TBC)

The winning entries will be screened for the new first years in the early part of the academic year. Inaddition, winning students will be asked to present and discuss their work.

Deadline for ‘1 Becomes 2’ competition entries is Friday 17th September 2010

*Please note - this work is not part of your formally assessed units.

And the last word? Be Amazing!

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