Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Story Idea; Character Development

After a long weekend, I have finally devised a plan for my story and characters. Read the below and leave a comment, I'll adapt where I need to, and I'll sort out bits if they are wrong. Let me know. Thanks. ;)

"A group of Japanese children moved to America to escape the bright lights and busy streets. They set up camp alongside, 'Spinner City'. Over time some got accepted, some didn't. Those who were accepted got trained in the Cowboy ways; GunSlinging, Horse Riding, and Ranch Work. The ones who weren't accepted were either killed or sent back to Japan.

During the beginning of the series, we learn that Jade, a young girl who was accepted, lost her parents due to them being denied, they were helplessly killed infront of her. The horrible image sticks in her mind. Jade vows for revenge.

Each night Jade stays up and practises the art of 'Ninja'.

Characters / Locations will be drawn/painted in the 'Chibi' style of anime. *Innocent/Cute* Characters will bear Huge eyes making them look cuter, bigger heads than normal, *Evil/Dangerous* characters will have smaller sharper eyes and a taller fatter body, making them look evil and dangerous."

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