Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Digital Painting..

Well as I havent uploaded my Digital Paintings I shall do so now..

Hmm Problems uploading.. Trying again..

Nope not able to upload.. Will try again in a few hours..

Found the problem, Cant upload *.Tif files... stupid blogger.. i have 3 *.Jpg and one *.Tif and for that one file it doesnt like uploading them all...... uploading the three I am able to upload..

Here They Are:

This First painting is of a cave, has nothing to do with my book but instead was a trial at getting used to the graphics tablet on the first session with Simon Holland.

This Second painting is of a 'hallway' which I feel is a bit too bright and under 'furnished' :/

This Third one is W.I.P I think it is successful so far as the cliffs on either side give depth to the scene, I have placed a 'castle' type building on the left in the background. Also thinking of changing the scene to be more 'dead' and darker.

Working on a new painting now.


Simon Holland 74 said...

Hi Dan,

what size, format are you trying to upload, try and upload one at a time is your file size is quite large, save out your image as a JPEG under a different title of course or you will lose your layers.Maybe even reduce the size I save mine out with the longest edge at 1000 pixels for applications such as this and facebook etc.

D Bright said...

Ah ok simon, ill have a try uploading again..

tutorphil said...

Hi Dan - good to see your images uploaded - and the top 'cave' image has bags of atmosphere!

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