Monday, November 09, 2009

Inspirational Research..

Massive Black -
"Massive Black is a full production artwork and asset outsourcing studio that has contributed to over 85 projects for multiple video game platforms, film, print, toys, comics and more."
KillZone2, inFamous, Tennis Masters. (-For all the gamers :P)

Concept Art -
"We are a web community of artists who are here for one purpose. We want to help eachother learn about art, provide the best place to showcase work, further our art educations, and to meet other artists
from around the world."

Concept Art World -
District 9, Section 8, Transformers 2, Guild Wars 2..

Ryan Church -
Worked on Transformers 2, Star wars, Dead Space, War of the Worlds.

Last one for now..

Hydro Pix -
"My name is Bruno Gentile and I have been working in the video games industry since 13 years. I started as 3D Artist ("Alone in the Dark IV") and Concept Artist at Ubisoft Montreal ( Prince of Persia Warrior within, the Two Thrones, prince of persia 2008, and farcry 2). I'm currently Art Director at Ubisoft Montpellier, in France, where we are developing... a mysterious new game :)"


tutorphil said...

Interim Online Review - Unit 2 : Space 10/11/09

Hi Dan,

Is it my imagination or is your blog a bit famished and in need of some actual content? I see you've created posts for some of the films, but not yet 'found the time' to say anything intelligent about them? All in all, your blog feel a big on text and intention, but disappointing in terms of actual project development. Do not underestimate the importance of this aspect of your work; this should be the ideas factory - it should be alive with visuals, with content, and with insight. If you haven't done so already, check out Ruben's blog for a much needed reality check; that's how much work is missing from your own creative development...

Can I presume that drawing/digital painting is something you're worrying about? If so, can I suggest you 'self-medicate' - and by that I mean, get yourself up to the UCA library where there are oodles of books on the techniques of drawing and perspective; I know there are some How-to DVDs doing the rounds amongst your classmates; also, you need to get the very most from your sessions with Phill Hosking. I suspect too, that you're not thinking hard enough about your spaces - you need to look for the potential in them - find it - remember that one of the jobs of concept art is to create a 'wow' - and to evoke a world. Take your foot off the brake and go make something astonishing happen!

I want to see the blanks in your blog filled - BUT, in future, I don't want you place-holding with posts, I want your creative development to evolve more organically; remember, the blog (creative development) is about you, your creativity and your own enthusiasms. If you don't keep up with it on a daily basis, you'll miss out on opportunities for further discussions with me, with Simon and with your classmates.

Please see second post for general advice re. the written assignment.

D Bright said...

Ah thanks Phil, Every time get your voice on my blog I realise how much I am 'slacking' I put the placeholders to remind me to do them, but I have been too lazy to do them.. I shall do them today. In future I shall hand write a To-Do list on paper and tick off what I have done.

Digital painting is all new to me, so yes I am finding it hard, as with many things to come. But on the other hand, I cant get the fluent ideas flowing through my head. I Have had a 'skim' through Rubens blog and ordered a book, 'Bold Vision: The Digital Painting Bible' As he says this is a good book to get trained with a gfx tablet :)

I always wonder why I dont get many comments but its due to the lack of effort going into the blog. I shall get this sorted out.

I shall spend my 'Wednesday' sorting out the essay structure and research for which I shall base my Essay on. Ill try harder from now on. I want to succeed. NOT fail..

Thanks for all the websites I shall take a look into them. Thanks for the advice. I shall crack on with it :) Oh and for the 1,500 word count. Should be no problem :/

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