Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Invaders From Mars

Gee Wizz I've put this up a little late but it's still here :)
Invaders From Mars was a strange film, extremely funny as we look back at old technologies. The 'aliens' had green body suits on with a zip running along the spine, which was extremely obvious. (Following Image 'borrowed' from Jordan Buckner) :P

I thought the words the child kept saying "GEE WIZZ" was the best line of the film, 'Gee Wizz Dad' I did like the 'sets' of the film though, the interior of the alien cave thing was quite symetrical and the aliens always ran around in pairs, and had a 'dodgy' walk :)

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Ath31as said...

Yes I loved that fresh freckle faced kid, he soooo sweet and innocent. Take him out of the 1950's and put him in 2009 and I can just imagine how he would be viewed as 'alien'.

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