Sunday, December 13, 2009

Update: Petrol Station Scene (2)

Started the scene again, with less objects and more extrudes and bevels. No lights yet, will be updated again soon. Fridges have been added to the interior of the petrol station, and a glass front has been added.

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tutorphil said...

Online Interim Review - 15/12/09

Hi Dan,

Looks like your moving quickly to resolve your Maya scene - which is good, and the desolate petrol station could make for a suitably urban 'unhomely'. Part of the first year experience, however, is to ensure that students create a clear 'pipeline' of creative development - the procession from thumbnails, to resolved sketches, concept art, and model. I suppose I'm a bit concerned that, in your instance, the making might be eclipsing the thinking. I assume that lighting is going to play an important part in your scene, so I would certainly expect to see some digital paintings reflecting this aspect of your 'production design'. Also, specifically, what time period is your petrol station from - and what country - avoid genericism in your models; give yourself context and detail by which to realise your environments; to know the 'where' and 'when' of your scene will ultimately precipitate your progress.

Not much on here about your proposed written assignment; this aspect of your degree work is something you need to focus on with some urgency, as I don't want it becoming somekind of creative handicap. See next 2 posts for general info re. the written assignment and some hints and tips for a better result.

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