Tuesday, December 08, 2009


This film was very disturbing indeed, I dont think I have ever seen such a dodgy film in my life :P The strange'ness of the walls, with hands coming out of them, melting walls..

All the way through the film Carol is pacing herself from outside life, and living more a quiet life in her (Sisters') apartment. She is slowly going insane and having 'nightmares' It seems as though the first time she is 'abused' it seems like its a nightmare but infact it turns real. Then when the man bursts into the apartment she batters him with a candle stick (Carol, with a candlestick in the hallway, anybody? Lol) and the next abuse ends up with the LandLord being slashed and stabbed a hell of a lot by Carol, who then puts both bodies in the bath ? strange place to put dead people. She is found at the end of the film by her sister, laying underneath a bed and is then 'rushed' to hospital. This is where the film ends.

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tutorphil said...

Okay, Daniel - how about including some film reviews (metacritic.com/rottentomatoes.com) to augment and enrich your observations - I want you to get into the habit of 'cross-referencing' your thoughts with the rich body of criticism already 'out there' - it's something you need to do in your written assignments for added sophisitication, so go take a look and see how the reviews compare/contrast with your own observations.

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