Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Pre-Production: Visualising a World.

How can you visualise something that physically isn't real? That's a question that gets asked millions of times per day. When you dream, you are creating a new world, when you think about things that aren't real, (Like Flying Pigs) you create a small scene in your mind, this is how you can visualise a new world.

We can use the extreme potential of the human mind to create places we can't ever go to, but places that have meaning, and emotion. To capture this I will be basing the animation inside of a 'House' the most safe and secure place anyone can ever be. Another reason behind this is 'Family Memories' most memories are created and shared within this safe haven. It would be so upsetting to see everything that you've ever thought about, everything that you've ever done, just disappear in front of you.

This will create such atmosphere and tension from the 'Audience' which is mainly what I'm after.

How can that create atmosphere? Don't you need sound / Music for that?
Yes, I'll be accompanying the video with calm, piano based music, which will account for 50% of the overall experience.

Yes, I'm still aiming for it being an 'Experience'

I'll be exploring ThumbNail StoryBoards today.
Progress will be uploaded later.

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