Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Transcription: He still remembers

Michael Nganyuo

For the past four years, I spent my time in the States looking after people with mental disability. But the one person who got me was my resident with Alzheimer's. He came to stay at our home after some months in hospital.

The first weeks were a bit difficult as I worked with him to get help him know me. Then one day I heard him calling for Stewart; I thought he was looking for someone in particular, no he was looking for me: Michael. So, I went to see him and said, "oh Stewart can you get me some fruit" and he tried to say something else but could not continue. I said sure and got him some fruit and custard as I had been instructed to let him have with his fruit.

Months passed but one day he came from a day's drive with my boss and he was very delighted to see me but still called me Stewart. I said hi there Sir and how was your day out? He said, "oh so so". That's how he always talked. During this time working with my resident he could dress himself, shower and feed himself. I was always impressed by the way he worked towards his recovery. He took his medication and one day I had delayed administering his night medication, and he reminded me.That day i could not believe it but he was right. I usually gave his medicine at 7pm or 8pm but he did not see me do that night and he said Mike my meds. That was how he started reassuring me of his recovery and remembering few other things.

Family members were often impressed with the progress he was making and on my last day before leaving for home to the UK there was a small send off for me and he gave a speech. After the time I took care of him, he could tell other residents how happy and satisfied he was with me and that he will always miss me. His efforts to give me those parting words of appreciation brought tears to my eyes and I cried like baby.

Yes Clarence remembered and all through those years looking after him, he became my father and my family. When we care for those who are sick, we do so from the bottom of our hearts. We should always see our patients as our family and support them 100%. Thank you.

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