Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Research: Type, Typography & Letter Forms

Edward Fella: Letters on America.

They are the original 24/7 communication, interactive in ways the web can’t even dream of.
The characters can be found on any surface, as distractions or directions, decoration or marker. They are in wood, metal, paint, sticky-back plastic, etched, behind glass, behind bars, torn and layered. They come alone or clustered together, isolated or juxtaposed, fresh or faded, direct or distorted; from in-your-face dayglo to subtle tones that are obscured. Reflected, as shadow, as drop shadow with shadow, or even as a sunburnt memory of a lost message.
Those are the letters on America.
I've just had a read through the Essays' in Letters on America, kindly lent to me by Jackie (Thanks for that Jackie), it's really opened up another level to me. I love type in general, but the book made me think beyond that, the fact that someone has had to sit there and create what i'm looking at.

Image's taken from 'Art Loves Tech' Blog.

I'll be looking into different letter forms later this evening, also I'll be looking at how I can create the Look I am after for the final rendering stages.

More to come.

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