Sunday, February 13, 2011

Transcription: The Plan

Right, After a short week, I've finalised my idea.

We'll start off in pure darkness, the outline of a door will glow, and the door will open.

Inside we will see an open plan kitchen and dining / living room.
For this I google'd Open Plan Kitchen;

From this I am able to work on a layout / design for the dining/living room area. For furniture inspiration, again I google'd it. "Dining Room"

From these two images, I prefer the 'look' and design of the left image, but the color and type of wood from the second image. I could use light text on dark background for the dark wood etc..

Another thing I'll be looking for incorporating, is a fireplace. I believe a fireplace and photographs are a number one in any living room / dining room / family room. Lighting is also another thing to look at.

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