Friday, October 23, 2009


Well there it is.. In all its glory. My final portrait..

The inspiration came from Aziz and Cucher's series
Dystopia.. This 'character' is sad as he cannot speak his mind. The questions that come to us are..

Why is he sad?
What is he trying to say?
Why does he have no mouth?

I think this portrait reflects on myself. I usually like to keep myself to myself, if someone asks my opinion I sometimes feel awkward and try to make them feel happy. Ill sit at the back of the class trying not to be noticed or picked to answer a question. I try not to stand out in the crowds. I try to keep myself to myself, but also try to make friends. But even you know, thats hard if you dont speak up.

Let me know all your thoughts please. Even if they are saying this portrait is sh*t I still want to hear them.


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