Saturday, October 17, 2009

Intro To The Course..

I Got my first project brief today called: Anatomy.

Heres the best bit:

"Identity isn’t solid. Identity isn’t static. Identity isn’t fixed. Identity is fluid, plastic, and elastic. Identity can be manipulated, constructed, fractured, broken, re-built, (re-broken), faked, perfected, erased, mistaken, imposed and stolen."

This paragraph really struck me, who are we? Why do we call each other by names? How do we recognise other people? Identity isnt static. Everyone is different.

This project is going to be interesting :D


On another note, Some artists I have recently heard of, and will be looking into are:

Guiseppi Arcimboldo
This artist made self portraits of characters/people made of fruit, vegetables, flowers, Organic things which is quite interesting, as I havent seen this kind of work before.

Vertumnus is made of vegetables/fruits, why would Guiseppi have chosen the specific placing and size of each of the veg/fruit? A Pear for a nose? Sweetcorn for an ear? Everything has been chosen for one reason. Effect. They all fit perfectly into place which makes us know that this is a face. The colours of the veg/fruit stike us as bright, bold and upfront. I think this characteristic in a portrait is very eye catching and I might decide to make something similar. Dont take my word on that, Just an idea..


Flora on the other hand is made of Flowers, Daiseys, Daffodils, Roses. This shows the softness of the females, also creates a 'serenity' within the portrait sitting. The colours arent as bright as before but are still catching. I feel this painting has more resemblance to the human face because the colours are closer to actual skin and hair. Not saying that bright reds/yellows are everyday hair colours but you get the drift..

Frida Kahlo

The Broken Column
This painting really struck me first of all as a 'mech' or a 'robot' but then i looked further into the painting and realised the column was holding the woman up, but was breaking, could this mean the lady is slowly dieing? Or could she be upset over something and is feeling rather depressed?
The nails could symbolise, (Maybe this is an extreme but..) Jesus being nailed to the crusifix, the lady is being nailed and in pain over the breaking column but also being impaled with several nails? (Yeah Slightly Extreme. But its my thoughts what count..)

I wont ramble on as I've got some work to be doing but yeah, these two artists caught my eye today. Ill look further into these, and others at a later date :D
Bye for now.

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