Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Inspirational Concept art..

*The Art of Halo, Creating a Virtual World.*As soon as I saw this book I had to borrow it from the library, Halo is a classic XBOX game, hence the reason why I borrowed the book *CLASSIC* I love the classic games.. Enough blabbering on heres what I Liked..
Above: I like All Character Concepts as I feel these are 'creating life' and I hope someday I can be this good, creating an 'army' of sketched characters, which would inturn become virtual that would be sweet :D Same as above, I like these character concepts as it shows what you see if you were to be playing as this character, from it's point of view. Environmental Concepts are amazing too. You are creating your own world. If you want a rock there, you put one there, if you dont, you erase it. I would also love to get to this stage in my photoshop/Graphics tablet drawings.. (If only I had a graphics tablet.. Anyone know where I can get a decent one? like £100-£150?)
More Character Concepts. This one is really good in my opinion as there is a Sh*t load going on.. You have Master Chief, the main character of the game, AND the main focus of this painting, with a shotgun in his hand. (I know this as the caption at the bottom reads: A Shotgun was best against the flood, By Eddie Smith + Lorraine Mclees.) Also in the background, top left, you can see a screaming person, I didnt notice this until I looked at it full screen :)

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