Friday, October 23, 2009


Well here goes..

'How would a face without a face show Emotions?'

This first image was inspired by the messing about in photoshop! I decided to take away different facial features. I then got carried away and took the whole of my face away. Thus the name for this collection of images, 'How can a face without a face show emotions?' Well next picture already!!!!!

With this picture I was thinking more how i could show emotion with as little facial features as possible, I decided to keep the eye. This image was originally only the left half of the face, which I copied and flipped, then blended all other facial features away. I then added a tear drop which shows the 'Sad/Sadness' emotion.

I really liked how the previous image worked so i decided to make another similar image, this one has just the mouth edited out. This 'character(me)' looks sad again as he cannot speak his mind, he cannot get his opinion across. Or.. he is holding it all in as... (NEXT PIC)

In this image the character is 'hiding' his face, could he be hiding something or be hiding from something? This character is infact hiding from something, he is feeling shy and doesnt want to be seen. Could this be the character from the previous images?

Well thats four portraits.. I dont know what else to say so ill leave the rest to you.. Thanks for reading and looking :D


*Photo's Courtesy of Michael Bright. Thanks.
**Person in photo's is ME! So no permissions needed...

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