Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life Drawing - Week 1

Well today was the first life drawing class. I remember the first time I done life drawing. It was on my previous course, I remember feeling nervous but childish at the same time, another person standing in the middle of the room, with 30 students around her, drawing. The childish side of me thought would people be laughing to each other, not at the model but to each other, being immature?

When I got in the room, the lady was standing there, in the middle, everyone went silent, the drawing began. No childish laughter or chatter. The Maturity and Respect had kicked in.
I was expecting the same on this life drawing class for some reason. But no, Maturity and Respect for the model was there.

Enough chit-chat... heres the first life drawing session..

As you can probably tell im not the best drawer but im hoping over the next three years my skills WILL develop :D

(Any feedback is welcome :D thanks)

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